Monday, May 5, 2008


Richard has recently added this selection of photographs to the blog,here's what he has to say about them "These landscapes were all captured using panoramic film cameras made by Linhof in Munich, and have been neither cropped nor stitched. The actual film sizes range from 6x12cm to 6x17cm; the latter format being roughly equivalent to a 60 megapixel digital image in terms of resolution."
Now I've taken photos just as good as these on my Nokia Mobile Phone but Richard broke it on purpose so mine wouldn't outshine his !

(Above) Roseberry Topping, an ideal place for the people of Middlesbrough to go for a spot of exercise, and once at the top an ideal place to have a cigarette, a can of lager and a pee behind the rocks. Keep an eye out when climbing for young ladies wearing high heel shoes dragging 3 snot nosed kids in tow.

(Above) Mackinnon Pass in New Zealand on the Milford Track between Lake Te Anau and the Arthur Valley in Fiordland National Park.

(Above) - Although it may look like a sunny day at Seaton Carew this is actually Lavena Beach,here you will find golden sands, where as down at Seaton Carew you will find dog eggs and used condoms.

(Above) Now is this photo the right way up or not, it's hard top tell with that reflection being so sharp, even Richard doesn't know,well it's 50/50 so who cares ?

Another one of Roseberry Topping, the stone construct is an old shooting box, although unused now it would make an ideal Kebab Shop for the people of Middlesbrough to nourish themselves before they climb to the top to see who can spit the furthest.The hill was held in special regard by the Vikings, but now the only horny men are to be found during early evening down in the car park apparently walking their dogs...or so I've been told !